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Yesterday afternoon, I attended a lovely Royal Garden Party at Zingerman's Cornman Farms in Dexter. While the weather was rainy, dark, and gray—guests of the fete blossomed with color, pattern, and darling hats.

Allison Hoekwater of Ann Arbor, pictured below, caught my eye with her vintage green dress and flattering hat. The vibrant color complemented her porcelain skin and red hair, while the timeless cut of her dress gave her a polished traditional style fitting the royal theme of the event.

Allison Hoekwater//Fashion Sensei

Guests were treated to delicious cocktails made with elderflower liqueur, chardonnay, sparkling water, and a lemon peel garnish. Delish! Floral arrangements provided by Detroit Design Co., like this gorgeous peony, brightened the atmosphere. The bartender told me that the elderflowers in the St. Germain liqueur, were hand-picked from fields and along roadsides in France by a "secret society," as elderflower farming is banned in the country. I can't substantiate this information, but it makes for an interesting story!

After cocktails, we assembled for Tea on the upper level of the historic barn. The tables were splendidly set with vintage china, elegant floral arrangements, and traditional tea delicacies such as Welsh rarebit, savory tea sandwiches, and sweet English pastries prepared by Cornman Farm’s Bitish founder and Chef, Kieron Hales.

I was especially excited to sample Chef Hale’s creations as he has cooked in Buckingham Palace for the Queen herself! Everything was wonderful—including the cute little Corgi cookie below.

Chef Hale shared his grandfather’s ephemera collection including newspapers reporting the abdication of King Edward VIII, the Queen’s coronation program, and various other royal publications. It was a real treat, and I could have spent hours reviewing them! The ads were fantastic. One advertisement extolled the virtue of Bile Beans for maintaining a svelte figure over the winter months when exercise was less appealing. I wish I would have taken a picture. What a fun afternoon!

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