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Taking the Trauma Out of Shopping

After hiding in baggy clothes for many years waiting to lose the last 15 lbs, Daria K. a U of M graduate with a terrific sense of humor, decided she was finally ready to understand which styles best suit her 6’1 physique. Before we met, Dariya warned me that she considered shopping a “traumatic experience” which left her feeling “clueless” and “fashion-challenged.” She hoped that our time together would be a therapeutic experience that may reduce her minor case of fashion-phobia.

Here’s what Dariya had to say about our time together…

Metro Detroit Wardrobe Stylist Fashion Sensei Tanya Zager Chisholm

If I had to choose between a shopping trip or going to the dentist for a root canal….I’d choose the dentist. The fact that after my two hours with Tanya I was still browsing in stores on my own and gleefully trying on things is unheard of. That is the magic of Tanya Chisholm.

Tanya made the whole experience fun, playful and completely stress free. We began by exchanging emails about what I liked and didn’t like. From that, Tanya created different “look boards” with pictures of possible outfits we could look for.

On the day of our session, my only job was to try on the myriad of outfits she already had waiting for me in the dressing room. I had a $200 budget and I ended up with five very versatile outfits, in which I felt completely comfortable in and I that keep getting compliments wherever I go! My important piece of advice to all of Tanya’s future clients is: Trust Tanya’s Vision! The dress I wasn’t so sure about at the time has become my all-time favorite, and the accessories I never would have even looked at on my own, are now a daily part of my wardrobe.

If I were a poet, I would write an ode to how fantastic Tanya is. As it is, I am saving money for another shopping experience.

Thank you Tanya for helping me figure out my personal style, and turning shopping into a fun adventure instead of the usual traumatic experience.

No, thank YOU Dariya! What fun it was to be around such a funny and warm person. :)

Fashion Sensei is now booking appointments for fall. And hurry, those holiday parties will be here before you know it!

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