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'Elements of Style' Winner Tells All!

Winner Lorraine New talks crops, tops and the virtues of not being 'matchy-matchy'

Metro Detroit Wardrobe Stylist Fashion Sensei Tanya Zager Chisholm

Attorney Lorraine New, met with Fashion Sensei recently for an afternoon of shopping at the Somerset Collection in Troy. Lorraine is a warm and charming woman who was a joy to work with! Lorraine requested personalized "tips" that she could employ when shopping on her own. She generously offers the following review of our time together.

Girlfriend Shopping 101

I met Tanya at Chico’s, where we explored some styles of blouses, pants, and pendants that I would not have tried on my own. The white petite cropped pants were a big hit, as well as a colorful blue overblouse. Some unexpected colors brought life to my skin, and I found that jewelry did not have to be “matchy-matchy”.

We next went to the Loft, where we tried on an assortment of blouses and

Loft tie neck shell_edited.JPG

scarves. There I found a beautiful petite blouse with cap sleeves, a V- neck and a tie. Tanya taught me to tie the tie lower. This satiny blouse will be perfect with my pantsuits. I learned that “small” printed blouses will work with tweedy pants even if the colors aren’t exactly the same. My blouse was full price, but Tanya checked and it could be subject to a reduction in a week or less if it goes on sale. [Note from Tanya: It did go on sale within the week, and Lorraine saved 40%.]

Then we visited Banana Republic, which was having a big sale. Tanya told me about using double stick tape for a front panel gap [for a button-down blouse]. I didn’t think that blouses in petite sizes were so important, but I found that they help in sleeve length, overall length, and even in collar size. I learned to look online for petite sizes of clothes I liked. Tanya also suggested some shoes for outfits, such as silver sandals.

Speaking about sales, we ended our afternoon at Nordstrom’s, which also had a big sale. Tanya showed me that a scarf with a wine color that might not look so good on me, could, when the print was mixed with gray. She also had advice about the jeans.

In our girlfriend shopping trip, I found three new stores, and one new friend/ fashion consultant. I also have a list of items for my husband to choose from for an anniversary gift next month -Lorraine New

Thank you our new friend Lorraine for her kind words and the fun afternoon!

Fashion Sensei is now booking appointments for September. Click here for more information or here to set your appointment.

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